6 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Queries

Independent Authors have many options for publishing their books. One may always self-publish, but here are six publishers who accept queries directly from Authors.

Albert Whitman & Company

Website: http://www.albertwhitman.com

Publisher of: Children’s Picture Book, Middle Grade, and Young Adult.

Most Notable: Series, originally by Gertude Chandler Warner

boxcar-childrenSend submissions to: submissions@albertwhitman.com


Macmillan Publishers

Website: http://us.macmillan.com

Publisher of: Fiction, specializing in Science Fiction/Fantasy

Most Notable: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.

BrownBearBrownBearWhatDoYouSeeSend submissions to: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC 175 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10010


Solstice Publishing

Website: http://solsticepublishing.com

Publisher of: Adult, New Adult, and Young Adult Fiction.

Most Notable: Confessions of a Gunfighter, by Tell Cotten

19174743Send submissions to: https://solsticepublishing.submittable.com


Chronicle Books

Website: http://www.chroniclebooks.com

Publisher of: Children’s books, and Adult Non-Fiction

Most Notable: Darth Vader and Son, by Jeffrey Brown

513H576FsgL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Send Submissions to: Chronicle Books 680 Second Street San Francisco, California 94107


Kensington Publishing Corp.

Website: http://www.kensingtonbooks.com

Publisher of: Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction, specializing in books featuring characters of African Descent and/or LGBTQ.

Most Notable: Wedding Cake Murder, by Joanne Fluke

51X1D11zYIL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Send Submissions to: See submission guidelines to submit to a specific editor of a specific imprint. http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/page.aspx/writers


Arthur A. Levine

Website: http://www.arthuralevinebooks.com

Publisher of: Children’s Picture Book, Middle Grade, and Young Adult.

Most Notable: Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

o-NEW-HARRY-POTTER-COVER-facebookSend Submissions to: http://arthuralevinebooks.submittable.com/submit

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The sun set on the last day of Dylan Peterson’s final summer in high school. The rays of gold and red shone brightly on the horizon, the sign of an ending. He sat on a stump atop a hill overlooking his family’s property. It was here Dylan often sought out solitude. Having six younger brothers meant there were no quiet places to be found inside the house.

His attention was diverted by a car kicking up a cloud of dust at the opposite end of his street. As the vehicle neared, he recognized it as the McGowan’s Escalade. They’d been gone most of the summer, traveling through Europe. Dylan figured he ought to return their keys, as Mrs. McGowan had paid him to take care of their cat and water the plants in their absence.

Dylan hopped off the stump and headed down the hill. He made his way down to the front and through the gate. The first one out of the SUV was Alvin. His Egyptian complexion and golden eyes was a trait that made him and his family unique in this town. He shuffled his too-large feet across the grass as he ran straight to Dylan’s house, giving him a hurried wave as he passed by.

“Figures,” Dylan muttered to himself. He should’ve known the first thing Alvin would do when he got home would be to tell Dylan’s little brother, Tyler, everything about his summer abroad.

“Hey, welcome home! How was the trip?” Dylan called out to Mr. and Mrs. McGowan, as they started to unload some luggage.

Mrs. McGowan turned to look at him. Her exhaustion was evident through her kind smile. “Aw, Dylan… It’s good to see you. It was wonderful! I’m sure the kids will tell you all about it. How’d housesitting go?”

“Good… Your cat is still alive, so are most of your plants. After performing CPR on the Boston fern I had to call it.” Dylan handed Mrs. McGowan her key.

“Aren’t you the one for jokes,” she said with a chuckle.

“Dude, that was terrible,” Roger piped in.

Roger was a couple years older than Dylan and starting his sophomore year at the University of Idaho, where both his parents worked.

The two boys shook hands. “Roger, good to see you. You’re looking nice and tan!”

Roger released his grip and ran his hand through his dark brown hair. “Yeah, the summer in southern Europe will do that to you. Hey want to help me with these bags?”


Dylan grabbed a couple of suitcases, and they both headed inside.

“You should go to Spain sometime,” Roger continued, as they dropped the luggage in their oversized great room. “It was awesome! We were in Pamplona for the running of the bulls. Mom wouldn’t let me anywhere near the streets, but we got to watch from a rooftop. Man, it was the best part of the entire vacation. I am so going back there on my own to run with the bulls one day!”

Dylan shook his head and grinned. “I’ll leave the running away from crazed beasts to you. I’d like to make it through life without taking a horn to the backside, thank you.”

“Hey, that one was almost funny.” Roger playfully punched Dylan.

Dylan punched him back a little harder. “Home for five minutes, and I’ve already had enough of you!”

Before Roger could retaliate a stern, yet beautifully melodic voice interrupted their banter. “Boys, there is a lot more stuff to bring into the house. Why don’t you make yourselves useful?”

Dylan turned to see Naomi, and had to literally stop his jaw from dropping. He couldn’t believe it. The last time he saw her, she had braces in a mouth that was much too large for her face, and she had the worst acne. Now, wow! She looked like a woman! A very beautiful, enchanting woman.

At that moment, Dylan realized he was staring. Embarrassed, he quickly looked away, but not before Naomi saw him gawking at her. She blushed, and the added color in her face sent a heat wave through his body. Naomi grabbed one of the suitcases Dylan had laid on the floor and hurried into her bedroom. He couldn’t help but watch her as she left. The subtle curves of her body, the tawny golden tan of her muscular legs…it all made some primordial part within him roar to life.

“Dude, that’s my sister!” Roger said, bringing Dylan out of his stupor.

Mortified, Dylan quickly excused himself and went home.

That night he couldn’t help but think about Naomi, and how both of them would be graduating in about nine months. Dylan wanted to go to college somewhere far away, anything to get away from here. He wondered if Naomi would be staying in town and attending the University of Idaho. It would certainly be the easy choice for her.

Later that night, just before bed, Dylan’s mom started storytelling. He always loved listening to his mom’s stories, so he settled into a beanbag chair and listened.

“Long ago, back when much of the world still believed in multiple gods, there was a great war. The forces of Life and Death clashed. Death was a collector of souls, and there was no soul Death valued more than that of a human’s,” Catherine Peterson started in a well-practiced storytelling voice, as her sons listened with rapt attention.

“Overcome by greed, Death released minions on the human population,” she continued. “There was great carnage. Death was mighty pleased as the number of souls in the Halls of Misery increased tenfold.

“However, the humans weren’t without protection, and Death’s plans were soon threatened. The agents of Life set out to restore the balance. They were more powerful than that of Death’s minions, but they knew the minions were without number for they were infinite.”

Catherine paused and gave a wise smile to her sons as they stared at her with curious expressions. She took a small sip of her hot chocolate before continuing.

“Caught in a stalemate that could last for eternity, one of Life’s agents marched straight to the gates of Hell. It was a battle that was said to have shaken the very foundations of the Earth. Every living thing felt the rumble beneath its feet. In the end, the agent of Life crashed through the gates and demanded an audience with Death. Death, impressed with the agent’s efforts, agreed and invited him into the Death House.

“It was there negotiations started. Two moons passed before an agreement could be made. It was decided that Life would do its part to greatly increase the population of mankind. Death would keep its minions away from the world above, and the higher number of living humans would eventually increase the number of deaths… leading to more souls in the underworld.”

She smiled again, and leaned back in her chair. “Death was pleased with this deal. Though it would take many generations, Death was immortal. Time meant very little to immortals, so Death sunk back into the chasm from which it came awaiting the human souls promised to him.”

Dylan glanced at his brothers. Their eyes were wide as they listened to their mother speak.

“Life was less pleased with the cost of this deal. The increased human population meant an unbalance. Other life forms would have to die to make room. Entire ecosystems would be put into jeopardy. But Life feared the unknown consequences most of all…The unknown was a great Abyss, dark and more terrible than death. Life knew that this unbalance could potentially lead to oblivion.”

At this Catherine rose from her seat, a signal for the boys to head to bed.

There was something eerie about his mom’s stories. Now, at the age of seventeen, he realized just how unfit they were for children.

After his mom finished, she gave each of her six sons a kiss and a hug and ushered them to bed. Jared, who was only a year younger, thought he was too cool to listen to their mother’s stories and was already in the room he shared with Dylan.

Exhausted, but eager for what tomorrow would bring, Dylan quickly got changed and was fell asleep, but not before thinking of Naomi’s beautiful face one last time.



The next morning, Dylan awoke to a loud buzzing.

“Turn that stupid thing off!” Jared moaned as he rolled over.

Dylan got up and turned off his alarm.

“Morning, Mom,” Dylan yawned out as he walked into the kitchen moments later.

“Oh, Dylan I meant to come tell you before you got out of bed. School is cancelled today. A major pipe burst in the boys’ bathroom, so they had to shut down the water to the whole school. I guess you’ll be starting school tomorrow instead.”

“What rotten luck,” Tyler muttered, as he walked in the kitchen, showered, dressed and ready to impress.

Dylan rolled his eyes. “Weirdo, missing a whole day of school is a good thing!” He poured himself a bowl of cereal and sat at the counter.

“I can’t start high school by missing the first day!” Tyler said, joining him.

Shaking his head, Dylan spoke through a mouthful of Chex. “You won’t miss anything. They’ll just start tomorrow and tack on an extra day during winter break. No big deal.”


Dylan looked incredulously at his brother. “How could that possibly be a good thing? You can miss one day of school. It won’t ruin your dream of one day becoming President of the United States.”

Tyler shrugged. “Why take any chances?”

After breakfast, Dylan returned to his spot atop the hill. He looked down at his gangly body… somewhat pathetic looking, like it was too stretched out, yet he was barely six feet tall. His disheveled dark-blond hair was similar to his six brothers. Unlike them, Dylan was the only one to inherit his mother’s brilliant blue eyes. She’d always told him, “The eyes are the windows to the soul, and your clear, colorful eyes mean you’re destined to be a great man, Dylan.”

He didn’t share his mother’s high expectations, however.

Tomorrow he’d start his senior year in high school, and after that… well he’d just have to wait to see. Dylan gazed in the distance at downtown Moscow, Idaho and then over to Moscow Mountain behind him. The best part about this spot wasn’t just the beautiful view but the trees surrounding the hill, ensuring his privacy. He was alone. Just how he liked it.

His thoughts returned to Naomi… he still couldn’t get over what a beauty she’d blossomed into over the summer.

“Like an angel from heaven,” he murmured.

“Funny you should mention angels,” came a voice from behind him.

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Here is the cover to my debut novel. Expected publication May 24th, 2016.

Dylan Peterson started for me after waking from particular vivid dream. I couldn’t get out of my head, so I decided to make it into a novel.

Dylan Peterson, 17, was an average kid living an ordinary life. He worked hard to get good grades in school, he had a crush on a girl, Naomi, who is out of his league, and he was in constant competition with his younger brothers; until one fateful afternoon when his normal life abruptly became extraordinary.

He was selected by the Great Protector to become a member of the Guardian Angels who are sworn to protect all life on Earth. Their greatest threat is an unimaginable evil seeking to cast the world into eternal darkness. The Angels fight to banish the darkness but it ruthlessly preserves.

Dylan must learn to harness and wield a blue flame in order to protect his home and those he loves. Training with Naomi and other Angels, it quickly became apparent that he and Naomi share a power no other Angel possesses. Could they be the key to finally stopping the darkness once and for all?

The Edde Airlines Crash- 50th Anniversary

thumb_Both planes_1024 2
DC-3 N498


November 27th 2015

Kingdom of the Skies

By Neil Kenyon Kyler

            I’m often asked just what it is, that makes me want to fly,

            What strange obsession rules me, way up there in the sky.

            “How come you have this passion that drives you from above,

            How come you let this foolish thing control your life, your love?”


            You say that words can not explain the peacefulness you find,

            When silver wings and blades of steel obey your hand, your mind.

            You say it’s like a symphony to hear the engines purr,

            The steady syncopation that sets your blood astir.


            Yes, it’s peaceful way up there, just God and me and sky,

            And thoughts of new adventure, still further up than I.

            You see I’m king when I’m up there, the bucket-seat my throne,

            My kingdom vast, my subjects none, I reign supreme, alone.


            I’ve got a brand new fairyland, a world that’s bright and new,

            Of cotton canyons dark with rain and rolling hills to view.

            At night I’ve got a sparkling friend who helps me find my way,

            I’ve even got a Lovers’ Lane. You know–the Milky Way!


            I see a lot of stars up there that welcome me each night,

            And I know they’ll always be there, when the sun dips out of sight.

            Sometimes I think I hear a voice that calls to me and then,

            A face appears as plain as day, the face–a long-lost friend.


            I like to think that God Himself reserved these special things,

            Cause He liked the angels pretty well, you see–He gave them wings.

            And I like to think the Lord, kind of felt the same as I,

            For He put the final resting place somewhere, up in that sky.

thumb_Constallation (2)_1024
Lockheed Constellation N9412H c/n 2072

Today marks the 50th anniversary of a very important date in my family’s history. Long before I was born, this one event changed my life in more ways than I can imagine.

This day 50 years ago was the day my Great Grandfather, Garth Edde, flew a plane into a terrible storm and crashed along side of a mountain. Garth and twelve others were killed in the crash. The plane was headed to Brigham Young University to pick up more boosters and fans to attend the football bowl game in Albuquerque, NM. It was a day mixed with joy and sorrow for the BYU Cougars, who won their first ever championship game that very day.

Today, 50 years later, I wish to pay tribute to the lives lost to the terrible accident.

thumb_1-4 of 13_1024

(From Left to Right)

Norma Jenkins

Stewardess, born June 18th, 1944. Norma was the stewardess for the flight.


Diane Edde

Daughter of Pilot Garth Edde, born September 30th, 1947. Diane was a senior at Grantsville High School.


Garth Edde

Pilot, born June 19th, 1920. Garth’s whole life revolved around aviation. He was a bomber pilot in WWII, a flight instructor, and co-owner of Edde Airlines.


Kenneth W. Myers

Co-pilot, born February 4th, 1924. Kenneth also served as a pilot during WWII.

thumb_5-8 of 13_1024


(Left to right)

Calvin B. Higgs

Born April 18th, 1924. Calvin served in the US Navy for four years. He Graduated from Fowler Architectural Engineering School.


Antoine Dalton

Born March 21st 1929. Antoine was a doctor, who served is residency at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specialized in orthopedic surgery.


Roger W. Parkinson

Born August 25th, 1928. Roger served as a military physician. He interned at the LDS hospital and specialized in OB/GYN.


Richard Wilkins

Born October 6th, 1927. Richard too served in the US Navy during WWII. He was a partner at a law firm.

thumb_9-13 of 13_1024


(Left to right)

Jim, L Peterson

Born August 19th, 1925. Served in the US Navy during WWII. Owned a restaurant equipment and sales company.


T.R. (Ted) Gledhill

Born August 22nd, 1922. Ted was a businessman and major Booster for BYU. He was the former president of the Cougar Club.


Gordon K. Lewis

Born December 1st, 1925. Gordon was a dentist who practiced in the Salt Lake area.


Marion E. Probert

Born June 17th, 1933. Marion was a doctor and former football player from BYU.


J. Bernard Critchfield

Born October 12th, 1923. Bernard was a doctor with a general practice. He played an active role within the BYU Alumni Association.


Edde Airline Cockpit
Edde Airlines Cockpit

Very few things are told about these men and two young women inside these obituaries. Every one of them left behind family members, and many other lives they touched. Their legacy lives on in their brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and all their descendants who follow.

They will continue to be missed and will never be forgotten, just like Diane and Garth will never be forgotten within my own family. From an early age I was told stories of Diane’s beauty of heart and mind, I was told stories of Garth’s kindness and ingenuity.

To those who know or are related to these 13 victims, please share your stories in the comments section below, so others may help their memories live on.

To the 13 victims, enjoy your wings as you rest somewhere, up in that sky. Until we meet again.

Lockheed Constellation
Lockheed Constellation






I will remember you, always.

Matthew L Edde,

Great Grandson to Garth Edde

And Grandnephew to Diane Edde

Author Cassie M. Shiels

Featured Author: Cassie M. Shiels

Cassie M. Shiels’ debut fantasy is packed with everything you would want in a book. There is a romance element, lined with mystery and suspense. The novel is filled with a quirky humor you can’t help but to laugh. Cassie has created the main character, Katie the daring princess spy, to be as brave as herself, who is in fact an independent author self-publishing her first novel. I applaud her for her bravery and wish her the best of luck!

Author Bio: Cassie M. Shiels was born in Idaho, but moved around the Pacific Northwest while growing up. She has always enjoyed books and was one to be found, reading late into the night, on the school bus or before she did her homework. In middle school she determined that she liked creating her own stories as much as she liked reading them; so she decided she wanted to be a writer and keeps working on making that dream come true with every story idea that bounds into her head. She is also a certified childbirth educator and loves teaching new prospective parents about childbirth.

cover copy

Mini book blurb: Even though Katie is a royal princess, all she knows is how to be a spy. She constantly goes from mission to mission, never getting the chance to understand her birthright. This all changes when her father sends her on a mission to Floric with the cover of being a princess who is trying to win the prince’s heart. This mission proves to be very different from the others with a shadowy figure to chase, secret passages to explore, secrets to keep and the problem of betrayal that she is about to discover.

Author links: cassiemshiels.com, www.cassiethewriter.blogspot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CassieMShiels

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Cassie-M.-Shiels/e/B00YB31URY?ref_=pe_1724030_132998060

2 small snippets:

Cassie’s top 10 favorite deserts: 

1. Ice cream

2: Brownies

3: Shift cake

4. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

5. No bake chocolate cookies

6. Shaved Ice

7. Cake with frosting

8. Snicker doodles

9. Smoothies

10. Fun breads.

Main character casting: Who I would cast to play the parts of my main characters if my book were to be made into a movie

  • Princess Katie: Isla Fisher
  • Prince Jarin: Brandon Routh
  • Queen Elna: Helena Bonham Carter
  • Queen Emmalin: Maya Rudolph
  • King Zaccory: Jim Broadbent
  • King David: Graham McTavish
  • Martin: Timothy Spall
  • Captain Barlin: Stephen Hunter

For a free Amazon gift card and book give away go to the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1457149167916247/

13 Persons Die In Crash Of Plane In Snowstorm

Hey everyone,

If you are curious as to what my next project is feast your eyes on this news paper article found on Google News. The article in question is titled “13 Persons Die In Crash Of Plane In Snowstorm”


That’s right, I’ll be writing about my own family history in an non-fiction book centered around Edde Airlines. I am still in the beginning stages, so if any of my relatives have any information/material on Edde Airlines or the old restaurant please send them my way!



Photo owned by Tom Kim
Photo owned by Tom Kim



Author of Dylan Peterson and the Angels of Fire